Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libyan journalist: widespread support for Qaddafi

BBC reports
Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has widespread support in the capital Tripoli, according to a journalist in the city who spoke to the BBC.
The man, named only Saleh to protect his identity, said that people there were afraid of what would happen in the coming days.
His comments came after Col Gaddafi made his first public appearance in a week to rally his supporters.
In a speech apparently from a compound hit by coalition air strikes on Sunday, he urged "all Islamic armies" to join him, saying: "We will be victorious."
Enter Hamas. Since the Libya war began, we've seen the biggest rocket provocation since Operation Cast Lead. Hamas knows where the doomed Libya war is going. For the audience in the Arab world it will turn in to a West against the rest spectacle, and Hamas wants to jump on the momentum. For Islamic fundamentalists, conflict between the West and Muslims in Africa -- even if there are protesters and dictators among them -- is a springboard to showdown Hamas wants: the end of Israel and the rise of Islam on the world stage. For the West this may have begun as concern for the Libyan people, but there are larger forces at play.

Hashem is with us, but Am Yisrael has to do teshuva!

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