Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Western Amman diplomat: Israel planning to launch war

From the highly reputable (sarcasm) PressTV (this is great example of their twisted reporting):

'Israel planning new war on neighbors'

Israel is reportedly planning to launch a new war to strengthen its position in the Middle East, following recent political reforms in regional states.

A Western diplomat in the Jordanian capital Amman said on Wednesday that Israel has decided to attack Syria and Lebanon following the downfall of Hosni Mubarak's regime in Egypt, which served as a great loss to Tel Aviv, the Lebanese daily Assafir reported.

The diplomat reiterated that since Tel Aviv is seriously worried about consequences of the Egyptian revolution and future developments in the region, it wants to start a new war in the Middle East in order to turn the situation back in its favor.

"Israel intends to overthrow Bashar al-Assad government in Syria in a matter of weeks after a war with Lebanon's resistance movement of Hezbollah east of Lebanon, near the border with Syria,” Assafir quoted the diplomat as saying.

He added that Israel has already informed Washington about the plan.

In response to online discussion about the reliability of this article, I'll add the following caveat: The founding purpose of Press TV is to paint Israel as a demon. Coincidentally, that's also probably the purpose of the Western diplomat in Jordan who spoke.

Most likely, Iran and Syria will instigate war against Israel, and their best bet for success (as they've always done) is to paint Israel as the villain. Either way, war is coming, but didn't we already know that?

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