Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Official: Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Interested in Sustaining Violence & Chaos in Egypt

The seaside Jewish town Neve Dekalim in the Gaza Strip,
from which Israel disengaged in 2005, giving way to Hamas

The Egyptian daily reports that Hamas is attempting to increase the level of violence in Egyptian demonstrations (translated by MEMRI & reported by Arutz Sheva).

According to Arutz Sheva, Hamas terrorists are infiltrating Sinai to take part and egg on protests, while Hamas prisoners who have escaped from Egyptian jail are seeking safe haven back in Gaza. 

If Hamas, an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, is egging on protests, this is Brotherhood strategy as well. The Brotherhood are trying to create a state of violence and chaos, but they have to operate anonymously, so as not to attract the attention and scolding of the U.S. Hamas, on the other hand, are individual infiltrators from abroad and can take the blame.

The Muslim Brotherhood benefits from a state of chaos, since they are a non-governmental well-organized opposition group. Why else would protests be continuing, after Mubarak has pledged to step down in September? Do democratic protestors really want a situation where Egypt has no ruler, no regime, no leadership immediately? There is one group that has a vested interest in this state of anarchy, and that is the Muslim Brotherhood, which has no other way of taking power.

In my previous post I discuss the Gaza-Hamas-Egypt connection more in depth.

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