Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Victims of the Jerusalem attack

Update: Please see latest post: Tefillos Needed! Names of Children in critical condition after Jerusalem bombing

 Update: The woman killed in the Jerusalem bombing was Mary Jane Gardner, 55, a Scottish Bible translator studying at the Hebrew University.

Update: Thank you for your tefillos! Arutz Sheva reports that Thursday morning there are still five injured at Beit Holim Hadassah Ein Karem, two of them in critical condition. In other hospitals around the city there are still nine injured victims who sustained moderate to light injuries. Meanwhile, the 60-year-old woman who was killed in the attack has been identified by the UK foreign office as a British national. Her name has still not been released to the press. 

Arutz Sheva reports:
One of the many people wounded in a bombing in Jerusalem on Wednesday was also wounded in a terrorist attack eight years earlier, outside Cafe Rimon in downtown Jerusalem. The man, Sasson Tzedaka [correction: Tzedka], spoke to Arutz Sheva from his bed in Bikur Cholim Hospital. After the bombing Wednesday “I saw images from the first terror attack, and I was sure it was a flashback. I didn't think that I was in a second attack,” he said. Tzedaka said he believes he was saved in the merit of his grandfather, Rabbi Yehudah Tzedaka [Tzedka].
From Facebook:
Please pray for an American seminary girl who was hit by shrapnel from the terrorist attack this morning @ the central bus station in Jerusalem. She is in surgery now. Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basya.
The Yeshiva World reader comments confirm that Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basya is from the Cleveland area, and was on Bus #74, which goes to her seminary in Har Nof, when the bomb right outside exploded.

The following names of victims of the attack are also provided by one reader (with additional info from I'm a mother):
Odalia Nechama bat Michal - 14-year-old frum girl, badly injured
Shilo ben Zehava Ophra - 8th grader, his legs are badly injured
Daniel Yehuda ben Rachel Nurit
Elchanan Ovadia ben Alona
Yisrael ben Dina
Oriya bat Michal
David ben Zohara (this may be the David below, not sure)
Sheindel bat Raizel
Daniel Natan ben Shulamit
Sasson (ben Sarah) - described above
Another man severely injured by the attack, David Amuyal (according to the Hebrew press, or Amuyav according to JPost), was working at his brother-in-law's store at the time of the attack. Amuyal noticed the suspicious bag and started warning people nearby, including a large group of boys, to move away from the area. As he called the police to report the bag, the bomb exploded. This man's alacrity and heroism saved many lives today, and prevented a horrific attack from being much worse.

Meanwhile, schools and daycare centers will be closed Thursday in Be'er Sheva, Ashdod, and Ashkelon. Now reports are that the market in Ashdod will be closed as well, after fifteen more mortars fell on the Western Negev today. MK Silvan Shalom told Channel 2 news tonight that the rocket that hit Beer Sheba this morning fell 50 meters from his childhood shul. A miracle occurred: the Shaliach Tzibbur was delayed in approaching the amud, and before he stepped up, the rocket fell, and the windows of the shul were smashed and no one was injured.

May Hashem have mercy and send all the victims a complete and speedy refuah!

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