Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evacuations underway after radiation levels rise at four of Japan's nuclear power plants

Experts' caution proven wrong: On Tuesday, Prime minister Naoto Kan warned risk of further releases of radioactive material remains "very high".

Fukushima #1: Radiation levels 8x the normal level detected after #2 blast

Fukushima #2: Tuesday morning blast after cooling system damaged by #3 explosion, workers evacuated, base of reactor containment vessels damaged, radiation levels have increased to "levels that can impact human health" (100-400 millisierverts = 160x average yearly dose); 20-mile radius evacuation underway; people in 20- to 30-mile radius advised to close windows and stay indoors.

Fukushima #3: Monday blast, radiation levels said to have reached 400x annual legal limit

Fukushima #4: Fire on Tuesday, releasing more radiation

CNN: Edano said earlier that he could not rule out the possibility of a meltdown at all three troubled reactors at the plant.

Kenneth Bergeron, US Energy Dept: If rods melt, "There would be warning, but we're talking massive, massive responses required."

According to STRATFOR, radiation levels in the Togichi prefecture north of Tokyo reported radiation 33x the normal level. South of Tokyo Kanagawa reported radiation 9x the normal level.

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