Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nancy Grace: State of emergency declared in California

Nancy Grace insists that the governor of California governor has declared a state of emergency following the nuclear radiation hazard from Japan. Her weatherman disagrees.

Nancy Grace may not be a scientific authority, but she is asking the questions that no one else is. Last week the IAEA said if the radiation in Japan continues, the health hazard to the US would have to be reassessed. This week temperatures at Fukushima are rising and the radiation continues. Who's reassessing the threat?

Yesterday, the EPA measured an aberration in Hawaii radiation levels:
As of 6:30pm (EDT) preliminary monitor results in Hawaii detected minuscule levels of an isotope that is consistent with the Japanese nuclear incident. This detection varies from background and historical data in Hawaii. This isotope was detected at our fixed monitor in Hawaii, and it is far below any level of concern for human health. The sampling filter from this monitor is being sent to our national radiation lab for further analysis.
California's state of emergency may be complicated by nuclear fallout, but at this point it's weather-related. The governor declared a state of emergency in California following heavy rainstorms across six counties. According to forecasts, the strongest part of the storm is set to hit California Wednesday morning. Two have already died from the storm.

Is California taking the next hit? A few months back, scientists warned of a deadly California superstorm in the state's future. Now a Newsweek columnist says after Chile, New Zealand and Japan, California is next up for a major quake.

And today, March 23rd, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's two tsunami warning centers in Alaska and Hawaii will be simulating earthquake and tsunami warnings along major Pacific ocean fault lines.

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