Monday, January 3, 2011

Falling Blackbirds and Dead Fish in Arkansas, Falling Birds and Earthquake in Chile

Some patterns emerging from the latest natural phenomenon in the Western hemisphere:

1. According to NPR, there is no causal connection between the 100,000 fish washed up over the weekend in Ozark, Arkansas, and the 5,000 birds that fell from just before New Years' Eve, solely within a 1-square-mile area. "There's no evidence connecting the two incidents. Beebe is about 40 miles northeast of Little Rock. Ozark is about 125 miles away from Beebe, to the west near the Oklahoma border."

2. In the same 24-hour period of the Beebe Arkansas incident, thousands of birds fell from the sky in Bio Bio, Chile. Immediately after the Bio Bio incident, Chile was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, whose epicenter was very close to the radius of the fallen birds.

3. Over the weekend, Chilean president Sebastian Piñera was in Brazil, where he with Mahmud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority. In early December, Abbas sent a letter requesting Chile to recognize the Palestinian state and Piñera has suggested that recognition by Chile may come soon.

Clinton shaking hands with Chavez. To her right, Panera (AP)
 4. Arkansas is the state in which secretary of state Hilary Clinton began her political career. In her mid-December speech at the Saban Forum, Clinton is quoted saying: ""The lack of peace and the occupation that began in 1967 continue to deprive the Palestinian people of dignity and self-determination. This is unacceptable, and ultimately, it too is unsustainable."

5. The falling birds incidents happened in two towns which, despite being on two different continents, have highly similar names: Beebe and Bio Bio. Both of these names sound like Bibi, the current Prime Minister of Israel, who is currently ruminating over whether to halt expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

May all of creation merit to rejoice in the coming of Mashiach Tzidkeinu!


  1. Please read this entire page of information regarding the New Madrid Fault underneath Arkansas. There was a gigantic earthquake in 1811 that caused major geologic changes(the Mississippi ran backwards) however not many people were there at that time so not as many causalities as we could expect now. Scientist state it was probably one of the worst earthquakes in the WORLD! Experts predict an earthquake like this every 200 or 300 years....1811 + 200 = 2011..

  2. HaShem is certainly in control of all things. He planned from Yom Rishon what will be.

  3. "Almighty of Vengeance, reveal Yourself. Arise, Judge of the earth! Repay the arrogance their just reward." Psalms 94:1-2

  4. 100 Tons of dead fish in Brazil.... didn't they also just recognize a "Palestinian" state?

  5. Moriah, just saw your update. Check out my new post. Thank you for your interest!


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