Thursday, February 24, 2011

Syria nuclear sites exposed in new report

According to YNet, the US Institute for Science and International Security has discovered 4 additional nuclear sites in Syria aside from the one Israel bombed in 2007. The ISIS report encourages the IAEA to "clearly conclude that that Syria may have egregiously violated its safeguards agreement and call for a special inspection of these four sites." The Wall Street Journal predicts the report will lead to increased pressure on Syria at the upcoming IAEA board meeting in March. Considering this new information, Syria's rejection to allow inspectors could result in Syria being declared noncompliant to UN standards and subjected to formal censuring by the UN Security Council.

How, in this situation, can the Obama/the UN/Europe/the world/Israel sit back and permit nuclear-aspiring rogue Iran to sail freely to nuclear-aspiring rogue Syria, with no inspection of cargo by any international or national entity?

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