Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dozens of baby dolphins wash up on US coast

While mass animal deaths made headlines around the world during the first few weeks of 2011, the second month of the year was dominated not by stories of birds and fish but by widespread unprecedented political upheaval throughout the Middle East, and most recently, the recent devastating earthquake in New Zealand. 

Yet this week animal deaths are back: In recent weeks, 28 dead baby dolphins have mysteriously washed ashore in Alabama and Mississippi. Dolphins are highly sophisticated and sensitive mammals, with a level of cerebral cortex development and sophistication is parallel only to humans. When mass animal deaths were occurring around the world, one explanation was given that animals, highly sensitive and attuned to various frequencies, are crying out and giving up, en masse, indicative of a period right before a global paradigm shift, when tensions run high and there are no solutions yet. Suicide among animals is a rare phenomenon, although in the past, it has figured into theories involving one mammal in particular - dolphins. Several years ago one expert attributed the sudden deaths of 26 dolphins to suicidal behavior among the group.  

Are the most sensitive and attuned animals giving up, or sending some kind of message?

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