Saturday, February 5, 2011

Israel-Egypt gas pipeline explodes, Rafah church bombed amidst Egypt Chaos

On Friday night, a gas pipeline supplying fuel to Jordan and Israel exploded near the El Arish port in Sinai, Egypt. Regional governor Abdel Wahab Mabrouk told Egyptian told state TV he suspected sabotage, and a reporter called the explosion a "big terrorist operation." Later, the head of the Egyptian natural gas company claimed the fire broke out as a result a gas leak. A gas leak, after the Muslim Brotherhood has been inciting its followers for years, calling to stop gas supply to Israel?

On Saturday, in an unrelated incident, the IKEA in Netanya, Israel caught on fire and burned to the ground.

Today, news emerged that Islamists massacred two Christian Coptic with the aid of their Muslim neighbors in the Sharona village in Northern Egypt last Sunday, killing 11, including children and seriously injuring four. The internet blackout kept the incident unreported until now.

On Saturday, a bomb was detonated and a cross was removed at the Holy Family Church on Saturday in Rafah, Egypt along its border with the Gaza Strip, now controlled by the terrorist group Hamas. Hamas is an outgrowth of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which is gaining momentum amidst chaos in Egypt. Since the Egyptian revolt, Israel and Egypt have expressed concern about the security of the Egypt-Gaza border in a time of transition. Egypt cannot maintain security forces in Sinai to properly guard the border, and the danger only grows in the case of a pro-Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood government. For more on the relationship between Hamas and the Egyptian revolution, see here.

On Saturday, Hamas sources reported that Ayman Nofal, a senior Hamas commander, and five other Palestinian militants have now safely returned to the Gaza Strip, after 'pro-democracy protestors' raided the Abu Zaabal prison in Cairo.

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