Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Western Views on Muslim Prayer: Your Thoughts Please

According to Jewsh tradition, Ishamel, the origin of Islam, was a son of Abraham, and underwent circumcision, endowing his offspring with significant spiritual and cultural power. Throughout our history many Jewish philosophers have not denied the relationship between Muslims and God though the medium of prayer.

Today, because of the high frequency of terrorism in the name of Islam, the spectacle of Muslim prayer can arouse associations of fear or violence. However, for a moment, I would like to ask readers to transcend gut political responses, and respond to the following question:

If you believe in God, do you believe God listens to Muslim prayer? If so, in what relation to prayers of people of your own faith?

If you do not believe in God, what associations does Muslim prayer bring up for you and why?

Please respond below. All opinions are welcome.

Note: This post is NOT intended to create or enforce stereotypes (nor to explicitly fight them), but is a general inquiry into the theological tenets of people's faiths in the context of shifts in geopolitics. The question is being asked about Islam since after the Egyptian protests, I believe that Islamism is a force that will be rapidly spreading throughout ALL Arab countries, and for people who believe in God and the power of prayer, I think this is an interesting place to start.

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