Friday, February 25, 2011

Ex-Libyan Justice Minister: Qaddafi could use biological and chemical weapons

The former Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel Galil told Al-Jazeera that Qaddafi has chemical and biological weapons in his possession, and that he will not hesitate to use them against citizens, particularly in the case of securing control of Tripoli. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Qaddafi has caches of mustard gas and chemical weapons, Scud B missiles and 1,000 metric tons of uranium yellowcake.

Galil, who quit his post several days ago following the outbreak of violence, voiced a warning to the world: "At the end when he's really pressured, he can do anything. I think Gaddafi will burn everything left behind him."

Galil cited the fight over Tripoli as a case in which the danger of biological or chemical warfare was particularly acute. On Thursday, anti-regime protesters secured cities near the capital yesterday and were heading for Tripoli. In response the army has been moving soldiers into the capital all morning. According to this video, demonstrators have taken a government building.

The world's eyes are now on Tripoli. NATO has just scheduled an emergency meeting for Friday afternoon in the wake of Libyan government violence.

As I've said, Qaddafi is not Mubarak. There's no limit to how bad this could get. The international community is well-advised to intervene NOW.

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