Monday, January 10, 2011

Anti-Semitic graffiti in Arizona predates shooting

On Friday, a day prior to the shooting of an openly Jewish congresswoman, anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered in Tartesso, AZ, 40 miles west of Phoenix. The shooting took place in Tuscon, AZ, 150 miles Southeast.

So far, no press is covering this story from Friday's The West Valley View, which was posted by the Canary in the Cole Mine blog. From the View, it sounds like police treated the graffiti as 'another case of those darn bored kids', rather than as a dangerous and serious hate crime, which happened one day before a deadly shooting of a Jewish congresswoman.

Where is the press?

The View reports: 
The resident, who asked that her name not be published because she fears retaliation, said she called police after unknown vandals "hit my neighborhood really hard" in late December.
"They broke street lights and several bricks in the wall," she said, claiming that police, in her opinion, have failed to give serious attention to the matter...
No suspects have been identified and criminal investigators have been assigned to look into the matter, Griffith added...
"Graffiti is a problem throughout the Valley and one the Buckeye Police Department has worked hard to overcome," he said. "This type of hate-based graffiti is particularly troublesome and will not be tolerated."
Griffith also conjectured the damage may have been sparked by juveniles who had too much free time because of the break from school for the holidays.
"Increased vandalism and other issues generally occur during times school is out of session," Griffith said.
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