Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birds and the Souls of the Righteous

In the video above, birds encircle the Kotel courtyard, in Spring 2010. I have always felt there is something special about the birds at the kotel.

In the Zohar, birds represent the soul, and the souls of the righteous in the upper world are called birds, as they spend their days singing God's praises. In Zohar Balak, this theme is developed, and the souls of the righteous will also reincarnate as birds in this world for their final tikkunim (to achieve their perfection). When they chirp, they are taking note of good deeds that humans are doing, and putting in a good word above.

The soul of Mashiach in the Zohar is associated with a chamber of the upper world called "Bird's nest". According to Ohr HaChayyim, Mashiach is called "Bird". Read more about this at Dreaming of Moshiach.

As birds are dying and falling around the world, people are searching for meaning more than ever before.

The New York Times is now reporting that Japan went on high alert last month for avian influenza, putting its nationally-treasured white storks in danger.

From Shirat Devorah: In Kentucky, a woman reports dozen of dead birds in her lawn. 300 more dead birds were found in Louisiana.

At CNN, David Yarnold probes into the human experience of witnessing dead birds falling from the sky.

And Yahoo notes that many people are exploring the paranormal dimension of this news story.

According to the initial report by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, the red-winged blackbirds died from sudden and massive body trauma, located mainly in the front breast tissue of the birds.

The soul of the world is crying, and the birds can feel it.

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