Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Vulture turned Mossad Spy

While birds around the globe are dying en masse, leaders and online forums in the Arab world are accusing Israel of a Zionist plot to train birds as spies...

Haaretz reports:
A vulture tagged by scientists at Tel Aviv University has strayed into Saudi Arabian territory, where it was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a Mossad spy, Israeli and Saudi media reported Tuesday.

The bird was found in a rural area of the country wearing a transmitter and a leg bracelet bearing the words "Tel Aviv University", according to the reports, which surfaced first in the Israeli daily Ma'ariv.
Although these tags indicate that the bird was part of a long-term research project into migration patterns, residents and local reporters told Saudi Arabia's Al-Weeam newspaper that the matter seemed to be a "Zionist plot."

The accusations went viral, with hundreds of posts on Arabic-language websites and forums claiming that the "Zionists" had trained these birds for espionage.

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  1. I wonder how long it will take until they blame the Jews for the dying birds and fish.


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