Monday, June 25, 2012

British fighter planes on stand-by to attack Syria if Turkey retaliates for downed plane

The Daily Star reports
British fighter planes are on stand-by to launch an attack on Syria after Turkey pledged revenge for the downing of one of its war jets.

President Abdullah Gul ­announced Turkey will ­retaliate against Syria for shooting down a Turk F-4 on Friday.

He vowed his country would take “necessary” action against its neighbours despite admitting the plane may have been in ­Syrian airspace at the time it was fired at.

He said: “It is not possible to cover over a thing like this. Whatever is necessary will be done.

“It is routine for jet fighters to sometimes fly in and out over ­borders, when you consider their speed over the sea.

“These are not ill-intentioned things but happen beyond control due to the jets’ speed.”

A Turkish revenge strike could mean British fighter jets backing their NATO ally in an air blitz on Syria in the weeks to come.

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