Monday, April 4, 2011

Larry Klayman vs Facebook

Who's the man behind the $1 billion lawsuit holding Facebook accountable for allowing a Third Intifada Page to attract members for weeks on end?

The answer is Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, an organization which has also fought to halt the construction of a mega-mosque on the ruins of the 9/11 terrorist attack, which was committed by radical Islamists.

Klayman is Jewish, and in the official complaint is self-described as:
...a public interest human, civil and individual rights activist who is “active” in matters concerning the security of Israel and all people, including but not limited to Jews, Christians and Muslims who believe in freedom, and the rights of persons of all races and religions to not be discriminated against, to live in peace, worship as they wish as long as they do not harm others, and the rights of man not to be harmed in any way on the basis of national and religious origins.
According to Klayman:
While Facebook has accomplished a lot of good, it can, as in this instance, be used for nefarious and evil purposes...they must be held accountable, so as to prevent this from ever happening again...They must be not only enjoined but also hit in their purse, which is where they understand matters best.
And if you think $1 billion is high, consider the damage:
By the time the page urging incitement against Israel on May 15 was closed, it had attracted nearly 350,000 "likes" and made headline[s] around the world. Content posted on the page included videos and quotes calling on pro-Palestinians to kill Israelis and Jews.
Here is a copy of the official complaint from the Freedom Watch website.

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