Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Israel's medical delegation to Japan returns

This morning Japan's ambassador to Israel expressed gratitude to Israel for sending a medical delegation and aid to Japan following the tsunami. The ambassador referred to the fact that the offer of Israeli aid was treated with high regard at a time when Japan did not accept aid offers from many countries (Israel Radio).

Yesterday Israel's medical delegation returned to Israel after a two-week mission in Japan. Around 50 military doctors set up a field clinic in Japan that provided routine medical services to Japanese residents forced from their homes by the recent disaster. Israel was one of the first countries to send a medical delegation to Japan. 

The MFA also issued the following statement on Israeli aid to Japan:
Japanese authorities noted that Israel will be one of the first countries to provide aid in accordance with their requirements. While other countries sent planeloads of equipment, they did not consult with the Japanese regarding specific requirements. The Japanese also noted Israeli efficiency and flexibility in determining the list of items that would be shipped to Japan.

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