Monday, April 11, 2011

Google and the Geulah

You might have thought we'd report here that millions of people are searching right now for Tiger Woods, iPhone 5, and Kohl's. Not quite. We're here to report a much more interesting trend in Google search analytics.

What's the road from Google to a blog about news and Mashiach?

1. You may be losing sleep agonizing over what lies in the "days and weeks and months ahead". Hopefully A modern-day Esther put you at ease: Sarah Palin has been known to defend Israel's right to build with a prediction that "more and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead."

2. Tired of the weatherman seeking no higher power? We are too! March 9, 2011: Turning Point? may bolster your hunch that crazy weather forcasts are a sign of moshiach.

3. Has anyone else ever had an eerie feeling that ikea is the third temple? Or, to be more precise, a misplaced yearning for transcendence and completion? We catch your groove at Netanya IKEA burned to the ground on Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Adar.

4. If you tell Google that  the greatest threat to the republic is living in denial about what the United States has become, it may tell you that Edom is the last exile.

5. Could we be on to something here? Without Google, the internet is like the world's largest library, only uncatalogued and out of order. But if have Google in front of you, can you really say "I don't know" anymore? Today, if we want to know something, from how to get to the nearest post office to how to bake a cake to whether the war in Libya is over to what date Washington crossed the Delaware, we ask Google.

If that's the case, maybe we should be asking whether google knows the mashiach.

Thanks to the creative anonymous readers who thought up these search terms. 

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