Saturday, September 3, 2011

Half a million Israelis protest for...?

What began as a facebook group has turned into the largest social protest in Israel's history: Organizers of the "March of the Million (Tza'adat HaMillion)" knew that getting one-seventh of the population of Israel into the streets was unlikely, but were nonetheless hopeful that the march's slogan would serve to sustain the momentum of Saturday night protests earlier this month in which hundreds of thousands marched around the country. As of 10 p.m. Israel time, 300,000 were reported to be marching across Israel.

Live feeds of the central protest in Tel Aviv are available on Walla!, YNet, and Channel 2.

Update (22:40): Police estimate over 400,000 people are currently protesting throughout the country, including at least 300,000 in Tel Aviv and 50,000 in Jerusalem. (Haaretz)

Update (23:15): The Jerusalem Post reports over 460,000 protesting across the country. Daphni Leef, unofficial leader of the new social movement, spoke of the transition happening in Israeli society from waiting for a change to happen to m aking the change ourselves. May the leaders of this movement be blessed with the wisdom to take this momentum in the right direction! (Hint: check out the title of this blog =0) After all, it's already beginning: A new chant goes: The people...demand...a leader!

העם דורש מנהיג!

May the chant reach shamayim!

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