Sunday, December 12, 2010

weather and miracles

Despite the severe weather in Israel, there have been countless miracles:

A minibus carrying a group of mentally challenged adults was stuck in a flooded area in Tel Aviv. Fireman unloaded all 13 passengers unharmed.

A commercial vehicle flipped over and went up in flames. All 13 passengers of the vehicle successfully removed themselves. There were 2 injuries but no fatalities.

The number of saved passengers in both cases is 13, which is equal to Hashem's 13 qualities of compassion.

In another incident, a tree fell and severely damaged a school building in Yizhar at night, when no students were present. According to INN, "The fact that the trees collapsed into the empty buildings at night and not during school hours is a miracle," said Yitzhar's residents.

May Hashem have rachamim on all of am yisrael and keep us one and safe in these times.

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