Monday, June 21, 2010

Do the math

Americans killed in intentionally by Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups: Over 50
Americans killed intentionally by Israel: 0

Palestinian civilians intentionally killed by I Israel (since 2000): 0
Israeli civilians (of all religions) intentionally killed by Palestinian violence and terrorism (since 2000): 1,190 and over 8,000 wounded.

The number of times Palestinian "leaders" rejected peace and their own state since 1948: 15
The number of times Israel rejected peace and co-existence: 0

Amount of money offered by US to Israel with no strings attached (excluding joint military projects): 0
Amount of US Aid to the Palestinians: over $900 million.
Amount (per capita) of US aid to Haiti (after the quake): $77.47
Amount (per capita) of US aid to Palestinians: $ 579.95

from "theclash" on an SF Chronicle comments page

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