Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flotilla activists take over Spanish embassy in Athens

The Acropolis of Athens. Beis HaMikdash, anyone?
In keeping with international law, Greece has banned all ships from the Gaza-bound flotilla from leaving its ports. In response, twenty-one Spanish activists from the Gernica ship took over the Spanish embassy in Athens on Tuesday.

An article covering the incident mentions that the Spanish embassy is located across from the Acropolis, an archeological site holding ancient temples built for the various Greek gods. Greece may be warming up to Israel (who knows why), but there's a long cheshbon between the Jewish people and Greek civilization, most of which takes place in the realm of ideas. Whereas Jewish thinkers such as the Rambam elevated many elements of Greek philosophy, the effect of the clash between philosophy and the true, simple faith of a Jew is a force with which our people have wrestled for centuries, and which lasts until today.

With the help of Gimmel Tammuz, the Jewish people will be freed from all foreign influences, and will elevate the philosophies of all peoples to their true source - Hashem, the One, all-powerful God who is One with His creation. The fact that the Rebbe instituted the daily study of the Rambam demonstrates Chabad's unique ability to unite mind and heart in the service of Hashem.

Beis HaMikdash, in contrast with the Acropolis of Athens (lehavdil elef havdalot), will be a House for all People and a dwelling-place for the One true God of Israel on earth, from which blessing will flow to the Jewish people and through them to the entire world. May it be built speedily in our days.

A freilichen Gimmel Tammuz to all!

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