Sunday, May 15, 2011

Terror truck attack in Tel Aviv

On Sunday morning, an Israeli Arab truck driver went on a killing rampage, driving head-on into traffic on a busy street in Tel Aviv, crashing into a bus, a number of cars, motorcycles and pedestrians in what police believe is a terror attack. One person was killed and 31 people were injured in the attack, which occurred at 9:35, towards the end of rush hour on Bar Lev St. near the Mesubim junction. According to reports, the driver attempted to drive into a gate of a school, but miraculously no children were in the yard at that time.

In 2008, a Palestinian tractor driver drove his bulldozer into a passenger bus on Jaffa St., killing three people and injuring dozens. In the 2008 incident, the killer was an Arab resident of East Jerusalem. In today's attack, the suspect arrested is from Kfar Kassem, an city next to Tel Aviv whose residents are citizens of Israel, enjoying full political, economic and social rights.

Yet what conclusion is to be drawn from such events? Arab residents of Israel benefit from Israel's open society, earning truck licenses in Israeli training programs and working for Israeli companies and making a livelihood from Israel's open economy...until one day, they decide to drive their bulldozer into a busy Israeli street, taking revenge at the very society that provided them with opportunities?

The illusion of 'Arab Israelis' or 'Palestinian residents of Jerusalem' living peacefully side-by-side with Jews has died long ago along with the victims of such attacks. Arab residents of Israel are our enemies' messengers in the system, awaiting the day when they can use the rights Israeli society provides them to strike at us from within. It is high time the police view on these populations as just as dangerous--as evidenced by this bloody attack--as our declared enemies beyond our borders.

Meanwhile, the northern border between Israel and Lebanon was declared a closed military zone Sunday, as thousands of Lebanese supporters of Hezbollah are expected gather en masse at the border with Israel. The terror attack in Tel Aviv and Hezbollah activity along the border are part of a proclaimed day of hatred against Israel, widely publicized on social networking sites across the Arab world.

UPDATE (Sunday 13:21): Syrian army just began shelling a northern Lebanon town, killing one, as hundreds of Syrian flee to Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL are preventing Hezbollah supporters from approaching the Israeli border

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